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Sudhanshu Maharaj Bhajans

Sudhanshu Maharaj Bhajan List

Sudhanshu ji Maharaj

Sudhanshu Maharaj

Shri Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj (born 2 May 1955 ) is a preacher and the founder of Vishwa Jagriti Mission (VJM). He has over 10 million devotees around the world with more than 2.5 million as disciples. He is known for his simple teachings which are inspired by religions from all over the world.

With the encouragement provided by Swami Muktananadji, Sudhanshu Maharaj established the Vishwa Jagriti Mission, on 24 March 1991. The Vishwa Jagriti Mission became a huge organisation with more than four million people. The Mission has over 65 branches, 22 old age homes, and three charitable hospitals throughout the world.

Source: Wikipedia – Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj

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